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Professional Services

Darylle Dennis has a long-standing reputation for passionate and purposeful practices throughout her career in the financial services industry; commercial banking business development.

We are in the midst of the most significant transition in business methodologies than ever before; beginning with the Industrial Age Revolution. The challenges we are facing are with attempts at making changes in our approach to grow our business with tools that no longer serve sustainable, productive results.

The professional services we offer from keynote speaking, workshops and Executive Consulting and Coaching ushers in new authentic methodologies and practices for those attending that produce more immediate results; while at the same time awakening deeper potentials. Spending more fully realized potential unleashes more productive and effective influences; therefore, results.

Value vs. Force™: Summary of Professional Service

This PDF Download can give you a quick overview of the professional services offered by Darylle Dennis.

Keynote Speaker Events

Value vs. Force Comprehensive Overview (90 mins)

“Value vs. Force™ Overview is an educational and uplifting event which shares leading edge new business strategies, attitudes and methods pouring out of the top business schools across the United States. These leading edge, brilliant, revolutionary ideas are new strategies on sustaining a successful business and life!

  • Value vs. Force™ Overview is a content rich event which offers education that goes significantly beyond the traditional means to create opportunity. This is truly extraordinary and thought provoking!
  • Value vs. Force™ Overview will fundamentally change the way you look at developing your business. You will leave with a success formula resulting in quantum leaps in growth; professionally and personally.
  • Value vs. Force™ Overview reveals these new principles and processes and offers specific application to target specific markets and what is learned can be applied immediately.

Value vs. Force™ Executive Group Coaching

“A Group Interactive Experience” – 60 to 90 mins

Executive Group Coaching is based on the Educational Series of the Value vs. Force Educational Programs. The Executive Group Coaching experience expands attitudes significantly beyond the traditional means to create opportunity. This 60 to 90 minute Executive Group Coaching has the potential to fundamentally change the way you look at developing your business. You will leave with a clear understanding of the essential dynamics impacting your outcomes/results in remarkable ways. What is offered in this gathering can be applied immediately to clients and markets of your choice!

Value vs. Force Applied Practices

Business Plan Design – 3 Hours

Value vs. Force™ Applied Practices is a 7-segment business plan design process based on the new business principles of Conscious Business and Conscious Capitalism being taught in many of the prestigious universities today. This event will accommodate a 3 hour intensive seminar and/or a full days’ workshop that will provide a clear focused approach to chosen markets and the support to choose markets for the most expedient results. Powerful results come to those giving this new approach to business development a try.

Private Executive Coaching/Consulting

Breakouts – Workshops – Power Lunch and Learns

Executive Coaching/Consulting offers a 3rd party perspective on the dynamics present when accomplishing goals and objectives and support in clarifying what are the blocks and interferences when those desired objectives are not being met.

Darylle Dennis has long-standing experiences and results when coaching/consulting with the key executives in an organization as well as the entrepreneurs building their businesses. Darylle applies the latest strategies and methodologies to each client that is unique to their industry and circumstances.

You can expect a powerful impact on your life and business and results from the strategies offered in the Private Executive Coaching/Consulting Programs.

“A conscious business fosters personal fulfillment int he individuals, mutual respect in the community and success in the organization. Conscious Business is the definitive resource for achieving what really matters in the workplace and beyond.”

—Dr. Fred Kofman, Author of Conscious Business, Recipient of M.I.T. Teacher of the Year Award 2007