Value vs Force Power Series

Value vs. Force™ Educational and Applicable Programs are powerful and authentic approaches to the “Relationship Era” we are in; within the Global Information Era which has been in motion for some time now. What attendees learn is immediately usable in their daily efforts to expand their desired business goals and objectives with immediate results that continue to surprise and delight those who give these approaches a try!

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Value vs. Force Power Series™

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The Power of Intention (90 mins)

The Power of the Gap (90 mins)

The Power of Momentum (90 mins)

The Power of Commitment (90 mins)

The Power of Communication (90 mins)

The Power of Focus (90 mins)

The Power of Integrity (90 mins)

The Power of No Thank You (90 mins)

The Power of Beliefs (90 mins)

The Power of Self-Determination (90 mins)

The Power of Courage (90 mins)

The Power of Value (90 mins)

The Power of Gratitude (90 mins)

Darylle Dennis The Power of Receivability Flyer

The Power of Receivability (90 mins)

Value vs. Force Educational Series™

offers a powerful series on the specifics of winning beliefs and attitudes

  • The Truth About Money is Not About Money (60 mins)
  • Influential Dynamics in Service Industries (60 mins)
  • Influence of Internal Dynamics/Attitudes (60 mins)
  • New Rules in the Game of Business (60 mins)
  • Change your Beliefs – Change your Results (60 mins)
  • 7 Steps to Business Planning/Applied Practices (60 mins)
  • Dynamics of Winning (60 mins)
  • What is Conscious Business? (60 mins)

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” Being otherish (Being of Value) means being willing to give more than you receive, but still keeping your own interests in sight, using them as a guide for choosing when, where, how and to whom you give.”

— Adam Grant, Author of Give and Take, (Page 138, Paragraph 1)