Personal Experiences

We are most grateful for the personal experiences we receive from those who have attended our workshops, seminars, or our tailored designed events for corporations. People are more committed now than ever before to improved results from their efforts.  Improved results come from improved attitudes and purposeful practices that foster the emergence of human potential. The renewed passion for quality and successful lives is why we offer Value vs. Force Educational Programs. We are essentially in the productivity and effectiveness business. Effective results are eminent when people feel valued and shown a path to modern day productivity, anything is possible!

Enjoy what has been shared from personal experiences so generously shared by so many!

“I just attended an amazing business forum. VALUE vs. FORCE™ is based upon new theories of business operations, sales & business development from research and studies coming out of M.I.T., Harvard and Wharton Schools of Business. This business forum was presented by the brilliant Darylle Dennis who has been presenting this to businesses nationally. It is theory based largely on VALUE EXCHANGE DYNAMICS™ – helping executives carefully link personal Intention, Internal operations with External methodologies. Quite frankly, I’m not much a fan of these, but this is the first business consulting I have seen/heard that links at its core to my Faith principles of Business as Mission, yet isn’t presented in a spiritual context.”

“My experience with Darylle Dennis has been one of the most heightened learning experiences I’ve had. Her gifts of sight in the matters of self-improvement are awesome. Darylle’s ability to assist in growing my business with her teachings is one of the most rewarding and productive experiences anyone could have. I have never worked with a person that has so much empathy and passion for others self-worth and success. It is an honor to recommend Darylle to any company or individual considering her services.”

“Darylle is unparalleled in her ability to provide a meaningful message within a business context that is immediately useful to the listener. I am of the opinion that Darylle is a person who brings a caring message of compassion without criticism to all who care to listen. I highly recommend Darylle Dennis to anyone who is desirous of abundance in their lives.” Dr. Bryan Tippet

“I was very moved by the whole seminar as Darylle hit everything right on and made you think about yourself and your business. Please present this again. I will make it mandatory for my whole company.”

“Value vs. Force ™ was a great class and proved to be a great experience for me. I found that it not only changed how I do business but also made a great impact on my personal and family life. With my full “Intention” at the forefront of mind, I always find ways to start my day with a positive attitude. I understand now the significance of how I am ‘being’ before I am ‘doing.’ The concept I learned from Darylle of developing Affinity Partners has helped me to grow my business. I really am enjoying the relationships I am building with others also interested in getting a solid referral base implemented. When doing what is best for your clients is really in your heart, it truly does change the dynamics of how your business can grow and flourish. Thank you Darylle for opening my eyes to how I could grow and enjoy my business; better and faster.”

“Darylle has inspired us to a new level of commitment and production. She has provided both insight and a different perspective on how to expand our business. We have developed a more focused, action oriented, goal-driven business plan. We have identified our desired markets and have an unstoppable productive energy and focus to move forward.”

“Darylle’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious. This workshop provided dynamic discussion and an optimistic approach to finding business even in the “slowest month” in a “declining market”. By far, this has been the best business development investment that we have spent in our combined over 30 years in business.”

“Darylle is an instructor who truly gives immediate value, understands and practices what she is talking about and has a wonderful way of motivating students.  This is hard to find. I am already implementing changes in the way I do business; very rare to meet people in your life that make you want to be a better person.”

“What can I say? The gracious light that you have shared with me throughout this program and during our lunch was such an amazing gift. You will always be one of the brightest diamonds in my life. Thank you for your generosity, inspiration, and for your love. You have changed my life forever and for that, I will always be grateful.”

“Having been in corporate and private sales, and sales management, for over 30 years, I would highly recommend Darylle and her programs for any company or individual facing the challenges of today’s business world. Exposure to these wonderfully refreshing ideas and principles has resulted in very positive results both in my personal and business arena. I have never failed to receive outstanding reviews after every program Darylle has presented to my business partners. Darylle Dennis has changed the lives of many of my associates and she has made substantial contributions to the quality of their lives and businesses.”

“Darylle has enlightened me in so many aspects, but most importantly she inspires me to act when inspired. Her workshop series “Building Your Business with Inspired Action” is just what it promises to be. In addition to being able to use the knowledge in my business I am also able to carry it over to all aspects of my life. My actions will now have untold positive ripple effects and Darylle will have touched an untold number of people. Thank you!”

“UNLIKE MANY WORKSHOPS, DARYLLE OFFERED REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS TO REAL LIFE BUSINESS NETWORKING DILEMMAS. She provided an uplifting approach …I feel like I had an amazing brainstorming session with creative ideas flowing from the start… Darylle Dennis provided years of her insight and experience and that was priceless to me.”

“Thank you for hosting this incredible workshop and for inspiring and supporting me in taking the next step in my journey of expanding my potential. I completely align with all that you are sharing in these classes, as your words have already made a huge difference in my outlook and approach.”

“The most memorable aspect was the overall positive feeling that Darylle evoked. She gave concrete ideas about building business, but also explained how point of view and feelings come into to play without it seeming too “out there”. Way beyond a 5! This was the best workshop that I have ever attended. It could have been longer. I could have stayed all day!”

“When evaluating this class out of 5 possible, this was a 6! When leaving the workshop, I realized that after attending 20-25 of these types of workshops that this one was the most helpful and inspiring! I am rethinking my entire business plan. The ideas expressed forces you to re-examine not only your business life but the way you look at all aspects of your life and in relation to business.”

“THIS WAS A WORKSHOP THAT IS LIKE NO OTHERS OUT THERE. You provided us with a wealth of knowledge that was easily understood and brought it to us as caring about us and educating us because we count as a human being not a number. It was wonderful to see so many companies uniting because you all care about us and our success. You were interested in us and it wasn’t about you!”

“Darylle’s workshop is like receiving at least 10 years of therapy!”

“I have been involved for the past three weeks in one of Darylle’s Value vs. Force ™ Series. It has given me a whole new way of thinking about my personal and business goals. Her delivery of and approach toward such important subjects as gratitude, alignment and commitment had a tremendous impact on me. Two quotes from her seminar really stand out. “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you” and “Commitment comes from doing what you love, and then, it is a process of inspired action”. I’m looking forward to the next phase of the 7 Steps process, so I may implement this program and make a greater contribution in the service of others.”

“Every avalanche begins with the movement of a single snowflake, and in rewriting the rules for Conscious Business,
Darylle Dennis is a master at knowing exactly which snowflakes to nudge.”

Dr. Thomas Frey, Executive Director and Futurist, the Da Vinci Institute