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Thank you to Neal Browne, former local affiliate NBC news anchor and now Media Consultant for capturing several of the workshops we offered in Denver, Colorado. Neal Browne also interviewed Darylle Dennis at length on these business building ideas within the Value vs. Force Educational Programs. The interview was edited based on the individual questions and subjects; also, the full interview is offered as well on the Media Page.

We will be continuing to capture events and workshops to offer and provide an ongoing encouragement and review of these wonderful, refreshing and new ideas to support building a successful business and life.

Jim Cimino’s Testimonial and How He Discovered
Effortless Productivity

(3:27 Running Time)

Darylle Dennis Effortless Productivity

(2:40 Running Time)


“Focus concentrates energy; which accelerates movement and momentum. The Power of Focus is significantly impactful due to its contribution of energy toward momentum; which builds in speed and size. Much comes to those who focus; as a byproduct of the dynamics of accelerated energy in motion.”
—Darylle Dennis, Speaker, Author, Consultant