February 9, 2018
Denver Athletic Club, 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver, Colorado 80204

Program: 8:30am –5:00pm
Registration/Breakfast: 7am – 8:15am

Elegant luncheon served at 12:00pm

$250 per seat
$2500 per table (10 seats)



Purchase a Table and receive 10 tickets that you can give as gifts to invite chosen clients to sit together at your table. You and your guests will be learning leading-edge leadership principles pouring out of our prestigious universities—which can be applied immediately!

Offering this high-level value to clients you chose sends a loud signal that you are serious about building together! You will be amazed how much business will be generated at your table with your guests in one day!

“Unmasking these Myths will transform and prevent burn-out revealing your unique potential and creativity” Dr. Jan Bellermann

Reports show the US economy losing 225.8 billion dollars per annum through absenteeism at work. Stress and burn-out are the major contributors. 50% of the physicians and 40% of the office workers feel burned out; especially Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers have been raised on Myths from another time about Identity, Relationships, Money and Myths about Reality. Today, these myths are creating havoc and misery.

Crisis levels of Baby Boomers give up hope-all due to believing in Myths that simply are NOT TRUE.

  • This event will unmask the biggest myths, which are limiting your quality of life significantly.
  • This event will empower you to move out of personal suffering and prevent burn-out.
  • This event will support you to regain energy and hope and move back into a happy life.


Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth will illuminate the significant impact Baby Boomers have on shaping this world.

Dr. Jan Bellermann gives scientific insights to the hidden psychological, physiological and emotional impact of these havoc causing myths.

Darylle Dennis shares powerful practical daily applications to make use of these profound transformative realizations.

Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth is a life-transforming shift resulting in personal liberation.

Venue: Denver Athletic Club

About the Presenters

Dr. Jan Bellermann

Darylle Dennis

Dr. Jan Bellermann is a Physicist and Doctor of Engineering Science with over 20 years’ experience working with an international Information, Communications and Technology corporation, in one of the most dynamic industry sectors. As a senior manager and visionary leader, Dr. Bellermann inspired his teams toward the development of several award-winning innovations.

Dr. Bellermann experienced how Globalization and Digitalization completely changed our business lives. Old leadership styles often are no longer effective and lead to disappointment and burnout. Dr. Bellermann felt certain there was a humanistic way to produce satisfactory outcomes and evoke a strong sense of worthiness within all stakeholders of organizations.

For the last 10 years, Dr Bellermann acquired a vast knowledge of psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience, bringing forth game-changing transformational programs; which have been offering solutions for individuals and corporations suffering under these old methodologies from an earlier era.

Darylle Dennis is the Founder and Creator of the Value vs. Force Educational Program and the Developer of Value Exchange Dynamics™, an innovative business philosophy and practice for the Global Information Age. As a former commercial banker, Darylle began teaching these new business principles and practices across the U.S. beginning October 2005 and her passionate and purposeful teaching continues today.

Together, Darylle Dennis and Dr. Jan Bellermann bring a synergy to “a new way of being in business and life” through Unmasking The Baby Boomer Myth.

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available for this exciting and important event.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Darylle Dennis:
Darylle@ValuevsForce.com or 720 232 9080