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    Let’s make 2018 the most productive and powerful year ever by launching your momentum in January!  Creating new opportunity and business requires a different approach in an ever-changing competitive world.  Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth is an ideal way to grow your business while offering tremendous value to those you wish to build with throughout 2018!

    Harvard, M.I.T., Wharton School of Business teaches the new way to grow our companies today is to offer value upfront to begin a relationship that benefits those you’ve chosen. 

    Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth addresses the incredible genius pouring out of these universities pulling out the best of ourselves and will be a day filled with new approaches and passion for our lives and businesses.

    The Table Purchases will be an opportunity to apply these new principles.  You will receive 10 tickets to offer as a gift from you and your company inviting chosen clients to join you in learning the leading-edge leadership principles of the new age; which can be applied immediately! Offering this level of value to those you wish to build with sends out a loud signal that you are serious about building together!  

    In addition to your Table Purchase, we will consult with you and utilize our resources to make introductions supporting you together with your own business development efforts.  

    Please contact Darylle Dennis for more information about this electrifying approach to partnering for the future!