INTUITION: “The New Genius”

Should you miss any of the classes due to scheduling issues, you will receive live video tapings after each class as well as a thumb-drive at the end of the program will all 28 Live Video Tapings – 3 Live Video recordings for each class of the full 9 days.

Intuitive and Universal Intelligence was accessed by Nichola Tesla, Steven Jobs, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Albert Einstein

What did they see, what did they learn and what did they do? 

Join us February 24 for:

INTUITION: “The New Genius”

Wisdom Today – Sensing the Future

From February 24, 2021 – 9a to 10a
for the next 9 weeks until April 14, 2021
one Chapter at a time,
we will be covering subjects
on all aspects of our intuitive selves.

Based on Quantum Physics principles and matching
frequencies for gaining access to a field of deep knowing.
Very Deep and Very Powerful!


  • Intuition, “The New Genius” One Chapter per week
  • Thumb-drive – 27 Live video-tapings
  • Weekly Live Taping per class
  • 2 Live tapings- before and after each class
  • Group Coaching Experience
  • INTUITION: “The New Genius”  Book when released


  • Become More Influential
  • Confidence and Clarity Skyrockets
  • Upgrade Your Money Magnetizer
  • Insights and Clarity Enriches Decisions
  • Higher Potentials and Talents Surface
  • Attraction Power Realized