"Living in the Zone"



  • All Zoom classes are accessible by cell or laptop
  • Each class will be recorded and emailed via Jumpshare. This will allow you to see streamed versions of the videos and you have the option to download MP4 files to view offline.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022 – 8:00am to 9:00am – Arizona Time and each Tuesday after, same time for 9 weeks!


  • Triple your income and opportunities by accessing your inherent Intuitive Intelligence.
  • Highest possible states of clarity and confidence lead to doors opening and people being drawn to you.
  • Tesla, Einstein, Jobs shared the secrets of accessing Intuitive Intelligence which led to changing the world…So Can You!
  • Learn how leveraging energy organizes the path of least resistance to accomplish effortless results better than originally desired.
  • The transition from rational mind to intuitive mind will provide relevant wisdom for today and tomorrow due to “IN-SIGHTS” available from Intuitive Intelligence.

Athletes operate at the speed of life in each game where the motion of the game is faster than the mind’s capacity to process decisions about the directions to go. SO IS OUR DAILY LIVES DUE TO THE SPEED OF TECHNOLOGY!

Intuitive intelligence is a tailor designed internal GPS system providing information relevant for each one of our futures!  

Intuitive intelligence is a vast information source essential when making daily decisions that will support the directions and the success of our lives!  

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"Living in the Zone"



  • Each week you will receive one Chapter from the Book Titled: INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCELiving in the Zone.  You will be able to review the Chapter prior to each class and discussion.  A PDF of each Chapter will be emailed for every participant 3 days prior to each class.
  • An Exhilarating Group Experience an hour each week will be recorded during Questions, Answers and Robust Discussions enabling a revisiting of each class for review and re-encouragement in the future.
  • At the completion of the course of INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE – Living in the Zone a signed copy of the Book will be mailed to each participant with a flash-drive of the 18 hours from the 9 Chapters. 


  • Increase Confidence and Clarity
  • Enhance Your Ability to Manifest Your Objectives
  • Insights that Enriches Decisions
  • Higher Potentials and Talents Surface
  • Steamline Your Power that will Produce Results
  • Become More Influential


Applied Quantum Physics principals teaches
how to access the field of Intuitive Intelligence
Deep and Powerful!

Should you miss any of the classes due to scheduling issues, you will receive recordings of the live video of each class via Jumpshare. This will allow you to see streamed versions of the vidoes and you have the option to download MP4 files to view offline.

Personal Experiences

The Value vs Force Educational Series

offers programs, workshops, consulting and coaching that will transform productivity as we know it today. The planning and practices offered translates into high levels of effectiveness and results. These practices have saved companies from collapse, turned around businesses with high turnover and minimal growth and rejuvenated business professionals discouraged from volumes of efforts and unsatisfactory results.

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Value vs. Force™ business building strategies produce results and outcomes; which profoundly impact the confidence of those applying these principles. Simultaneously, these strategies produce results, by far more effortlessly than with older era business building strategies.

Value vs. Force Educational Series™ holds a common thread throughout all our programs. The thread is an intent to offer a clear understanding of the dynamics needed when being effective and productive.  This teaching is offered to those interested in a clear understanding of the “what, why and how” these new strategies are so indelibly impactful. These practices are easily duplicatable and continually repeat the astounding, consistent results that never cease to flow.

Many people who attend our events are burned out and discouraged attempting day after day to use old tools and old methodologies that no longer work to build business.

Our full ability to be effective lays dormant when utilizing older methodologies of robotic-like practices to create opportunity and income.

Dissatisfaction comes from a deeper drive to manifest more of our potential; which robotic-like practices do not evoke or challenge.

When our potential is challenged, we bring to every situation a more capable, creative and influential impact to the goals and objectives we are charged with accomplishing.

Our mission is to inspire a sense of well-being in others, then confidence and joy becomes their “new normal.”

There is an extraordinary fulfillment that comes to us when we contribute to the well-being, confidence, creativity and freedom of others who now see their sense of worthiness soar! Our “new and improved selves” experience an emerging potential; which can now be applied at each new situation presented daily.

We have seen this internal activation awaken during one meeting; time and time again and we experience tremendous joy from contributing to the well-being of others!

Our full commitment is to serve!

Darylle Dennis is the architect of “a new way to BE in business” and has over 30 years of validating the immeasurable value which comes to anyone giving value-driven practices a try.